Mountain Expansion Chassis Manual

Mountain Computer Expansion Chassis Manual

Apple One complete manual

An Apple one Manual. Found it somewere last year.

Core Solo Mini: System Profiler

This file contains the System Profiler statistics for a stock Core Solo Mac mini. Personal information has been replaced with dashes.

Aamber Pegasus "Theory of Operation" Manual

This is the "theory of operation" document for the Aamber Pegasus. I don't know how complete it is, but it's an interesting bit of computer history all the same. I obtained it with hopes that it would contain a section on the power supply, which it does have a little bit of, however my Pegasus remains in un-known condition.

An original Macintosh II packing-slip/invoice from 1988

I bought a used Mac II in 2004 for $10. Adhered to the underside, in a clear clip-cover, was the original packing-slip/invoice when it was purchased March 4th, 1988.

They bought all the extras: Extra RAM, 2400 baud modem and nice software suite. It's hard to believe that all this was over $8,000!

After scanning and processing the JPEG document for Applefritter, I blocked out the phone numbers and address of the company.

Image jpeg size is 774x871 at 72dpi.



NeXTstep Connectivity

A 24-page NeXTstep document covering networking, peripherals, bundled software, compatiblie printers, commercial products, PC and Mac emulation, and terminal protocols and modems. Intended audience is those considering a purchase.

NeXTstation Color & NeXTstation Turbo Color: Brochure

A brochure advertising the NeXstation Color and Turbo Color. Includes description, features and benefits, product details, technical specifications, system requirements, and ordering information.

NeXT External CD-ROM Drive: Brochure

A brochure advertising the NeXT External CD-ROM Drive. Includes description, features and benefits, technical specifications, system requirements, and ordering information.

MacTell closes its doors

This is a pdf of MacTell's announcement to cease operations. The pdf was generated from the website The right edge of the document is clipped.

The Woz Pack II and Other Assorted Goodies

A Collection of Apple II Documentation. Furnished Through Courtesy of Apple Computer Inc.

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