Apple I, possible Homebrew query

I’m researching a book on that era as it relates to the formation of Apple. I represent the owner of an Apple I, and we're attempting to trace its ownership history down through the years.


I use MESS as my primary Apple 1 emulator because I don’t own an apple 1 replica, nor do I own any type of Apple computer whatsoever. I wanted to be able to load games and programs from the cassette emulation MESS provides but quickly found out .wav files for the Apple 1 emulator were few and far between, and physically typing out several thousand line of code was not an option!

Hamurabi iPod to Apple 1 File

Hamurabi game adapted from 101 Basic Computer Games by W. Sander in aiff forma

Apple One complete manual

An Apple one Manual. Found it somewere last year.

Microchess for the Apple I

The original chess game for a microcomputer, written in 1976.

Floating Point Routines for the 6502

Yet another document on Floating point routines by Steve Wozniak.

A 6502 Disassembler from Apple

The 6502 Disassembler written by Steve Wozniak and Allen Baum for the Dr. Dobbs Journal.

Mastermind - A Number Game for the 6502

The game "Mastermind" written by Steve Wozniak for the Dr. Dobbs Journal. The game source code listings will work on the Apple I, as stated by steve in the article.

Apple Partnership Agreement

The birth of Apple! This is the partnership agreement between Steve Jobs (45%) Steve Wozniak (45%) and Ronald Wayle (10%).

Apple's $5000 Loan

Apple Computer's Loan Agreement with Allen Baum and Elmer Baum dated April 6 1976

Is this the loan that allowed Apple to make the first 50 Apple Is?

$5000 loan ammount to be paid back in 3 months with $250 interest.

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