Woz 6502 Floating Point Routines

Dated 4-6-76, this is a 10 page hand written PDF from Steve Wozniak. Handwritten source code at the end.

The scans are 600dpi B/W preserved due to the efforts of David Craig.

This file is for All 6502 machines, but was authored in the Apple I erra.

I can provide this, plus many other historical apple documents on 5 DVDs for the cost of duplication. e-mail

Star Trek - Recovered from Apple 1 Owners Club tape

To play the game, enter Basic by typing 'E000R' then download the game and it will load and run automatically.


Creative Computing Hamurabi for the Apple 1.

ASCII Hex Equivalents

Program to print ASCII HEX equivalent of any keyboard character

Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander for the Apple I, written in machine language.

Apple BASIC Users Manual

BASIC on the Apple I. Limitations, functions, etc. 16 pages.

Apple-1 Operation Manual

15-page manual describing how to operate the Apple I. Includes schematics.

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