Apple I

Focal Notes

This Apple I Focal program is a number guessing game. The first part of the print out shows the code; the second part shows the game being played.

Focal - Guessing Game

The below note contains instructions for starting Focal. 56.00E8R400.1A65R is where Focal is loaded into the computer's memory. Entering 400R starts the program. Then it finally displays the Focal banner on the screen.


Focal printout

Focal, originally written for the Apple II, was converted to the Apple 1 by the Apple One Library, a group of Apple 1 owners.

Joe's receipt for Focal:


Adapting BASIC programs to run in Apple BASIC.

Who says that Apple Basic won't do the job? Except for the
usual memory limitations (crowd 16K Star-Trek into an Apple I?)
our language is pretty comprehensive. Which translates into
"Copy anyone's basic listing for a program". The secret word


Apple I - BASIC manual 2 Apple I - BASIC manual 1

Apple 1 basic was on cassette tape and took about 30 seconds to load.

Some of the following was in the BASIC:

  • variables, numeric simple variable, A,N, A1, T6

Operations Manual

Apple I - Operations Manual cover Apple I - New Operations Manual cover

The manual consists of about 12 pages plus the warranty page.

The Apple 1 computer is a complete microprocessor system, consisting of a 6502 microprocessor and support hardware, integral video display, dynamic memory and refresh hardware and fully regulated power supplies. It has a resident system monitor software, enabling the user to display, write, examine, debug and run programs.

Teletype Pinouts


6530-004 6502
33 D0 33
32 | 32
31 | 31
30 | 30

Teletype connection schematic

Apple I - teletype schematic

Connecting a Teletype

Computer Data Systems, Inc.


For those of you that would like to have hard copy capability

and much better control over program development on the Apple 1,

SWTP PR-40 Printer Interface Schematics

Apple I - printer interface schematic

The above was the most commonly used schematic for connecting a printer. It allowed the user to switch between two outputs: to the video monitor, and to both the video monitor and the printer.

SWTPC PR-40 Printer

Apple I - printer

Steve Jobs wrote an article about interfacing an Apple 1 to the SWTPC PR-40 printer in the October 1976 issue of Interface Age. Joe read the article, purchased and built the printer kit, and interfaced it to his Apple 1.

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