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evergreen-4010.sit.hqx (Tek 4010 emulator)

Date Fri, 9 Oct 87 12 58 18 PDT
From (Dave Platt)
Subject FreeTerm 2.0 now available

This posting contains FreeTerm 2.0, a "dumb" glass-TTY emulator
that supports XMODEM and MacBinary II. Full documentation is includ...

An original Macintosh II packing-slip/invoice from 1988

I bought a used Mac II in 2004 for $10. Adhered to the underside, in a clear clip-cover, was the original packing-slip/invoice when it was purchased March 4th, 1988.

They bought all the extras: Extra RAM, 2400 baud modem and nice software suite. It's hard to believe that all this was over $8,000!

After scanning and processing the JPEG document for Applefritter, I blocked out the phone numbers and address of the company.

Image jpeg size is 774x871 at 72dpi.




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Macintosh IIx

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