GetDepth XFCN 1.1

An XFCN which will return the current or maximum depth of the main monitor.
Version 1.1 - Fixed maximum depth function for PowerMacs.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/card/get-depth-11-xfcn.hqx

ARA Scripting Extension

Hi there,

As a Macintosh developer for now more than eight years, I wrote
an AppleScript Extension, allowing complete control over ARA connexions.
I'd like to distribute this software as a ShareWare, and I was told
to send it to this address for a l...

ARA Controlstrip Module

Lets you connect/disconnect from a ARA server. Indicates
when a connection is established by its ICON.

This version (1.0d5) fixes several bugs and replaces arastrip1.0d2.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/comm/ara/ara-strip.hq...

Collect HTML 1.3.5 - XTension by Kris Coppieters.

Portions Copyrighted 1988-1994 Quark, Inc. All Rights reserved.

Change history, pricing, and complete contact info near the end of the Read me.

* What is it ? *

Collect HTML is an XTension for XPress 3.1 or higher that allows you to convert
text f...

XferPro 1.1; encodes and decodes BinHex on a PC

BinHex is also available for PC. StuffIt Expander-win decodes BinHex;
XferPro can also encode files to BinHex. In addition XferPro handles
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) 1.0, UU and XX.

Note that BinHex (hqx) files must use dos end of l...

Re: Need sample code of MPW tool using Apple Events

Due to popular demand, I've enclosed the source for my (old) port of maplay
to the Mac. This is the source to "MPEG Audio for Macintosh 0.3.3". I no
longer support this quick port, since my freeware SoundApp 2.1.1 supports
MPEG playback and conversio...

MacSense March 1996. Volume 3, Issue 2.

March's MacSense is filled to the brim with news and notes from all
over! Learn all about Apple's robust new AIX servers

MacSense May 1996

MacSense May 1996. Volume 3, Issue 3.

Apple's going to post a $700 million dollar loss for this quarter--and it's
actually a good thing! Find out why in May's MacSense!

May's issue is busting at the seams! This month we introduce a new feature
to h...

GetAppleTalk XFCN 2.5

GetAppleTalkVersion takes no parameters. It returns the version of
AppleTalk installed in the machine, it returns 0 if AppleTalk is
currently turned off. Click on and/or examine the script of the button
above to see how it works!

This external is fr...

NewsWatcher Gravis GamePad Set

Elevator statement (for Tonya Engst Smile

I liked my Gravis GamePad so much for playing games that I started looking
for other programs to use it with. It turns out that the GamePad is a perfect
companion to John Norstad's great NewsWatcher newsreader....

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