FindFirstChar XFCN

FindFirstChar is a small XFCN for Hypercard, that allow a simple but
unusually search on a standard list, by returning the first occurrence
in the list where a line begin with a given letter; it may be also
useful to control by script the selection o...

Pegasus Mail Converter 1.0

Attached is Pegasus Mail Converter 1.0 which I am submitting to Info-Mac.
The following is a description/abstract. Please feel free to contact me
if you have any questions.

Pegasus Converter will convert Pegasus addressbooks and email lists to a


Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cmp/un-zip-512.hqx

DragSelectRect XFCN 1.1

The latest version of DragSelectRect (1.1). Replaces 1.0 and 1.0.1.

DragSelectRect is an XFCN which enables you to drag a gray or "marching
ants" selection rectangle within the card window of your stack, returning
the local or global coordinates of...

DrawCicn XCMD

DrawCicn is an XCMD for HyperCard that allows you to draw 'cicn', or color

icon resources into your stack quickly and easily.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/card/draw-cicn-xcmd.hqx

Newt Dev Env FAQ 3.2

keywords: Newt, FAQ, NewtonScript, application development environment

This FAQ answers some "frequently asked questions" about Newt, a Newton
environment for developing applications in NewtonScript and saving as
packages directly on your Newton. N...

NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt turtle tutorial)

NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt Turtle Tutorial) is an interactive tutorial (Newton book)
that will show how you can program in NewtonScript with turtle-style
graphics directly on your Newton using Newt. There is also a related book
-- NewtATut (Newt Application...

Mac Net Journal

Hello to all,

The June issue of Mac Net Journal is here! In this issue: I review the
new offline news reading program MacSoup; we take a closer look at the
BeBox computer and operating system; Natalie McNair-Huff writes about
getting a new machin...

The July issue of Mac Net Journal

Hello to all,

The July issue of Mac Net Journal is here! In this issue: Rich Pizor
reviews the new spreadsheet alternative -- Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet
-- and he takes a look at the Surfboard URL manager; Natalie McNair-Huff
ponders what t...

fr.comp.sys.mac FAQ 0.5

The inclosed archive contains the FAQ of the french speaking Newsgroup
fr.comp.sys.mac, and a view for EasyView to read it.
Document is exclusively in French.
It should be placed in the docuentation directories.
This is version 0.5




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