CallGrabber is an application for the Second Sight BBS that analyzes your
Callerlog during a netmail or a nightly external launch of Second Sight
and creates a nicely formatted activity report that you can use as a
SYSTEMx.MSG or a readable text file...

Cindy's FC HyperAnalyzer v2.2

FirstClass HyperAnalyzer is log and stats analyzer software for
FirstClass administrators. It will track a variety of useful information
including user logons, uploads, downloads, messages, and will create
charts and customized monthly billing f...

SysCompare 1.0.0

With SysCompare you can check, what an application installs into the system
folder. Simply click on the upper button, quit SysCompare. Install the
application start SysCompare again, click into the lower button finished!
All new Files are listed up i...

Core Collection 2.5

The Core Collection is a set of 55 XCMD's and XFCN's developed for use
with HyperCard, SuperCard, 4th Dimension, and FoxPro. Check out the tool
that has been used by in-house developers and shareware authors to help
meet project deadlines and add ...

February issue of Mac Net Journal is out

Abstracts from files in info-mac/per/mnet as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

Hello to all,

The latest issue of Mac Net Journal is out and on the Net. Written in
down to Earth language, MNJ reviews shareware, gives personal articles on

Developer Scripts Temp.sit.hqx

Developer Scripts Template 1.0 is a shareware 2.2X stack,

The March issue of Mac Net Journal2 is here!

Rob & Natalie McNair-Huff White Rabbit Publishing
Writing, editing, desktop publishing
and Internet consulting
(206) 752-6402 http://www.wolfe.net/~mchuff/


The April issue of Mac Net Journal2 is here!

Hello to all,

The April issue of Mac Net Journal2 is here! In this issue: I replay my
problems with installing System 7.5 Update 2.0; Marty Miller takes a look
at Net reality; Jeff Barnum pleads for support of the full Mac platform;
Rich "Akira" ...

fr.comp.sys.mac FAQ 0.5

The inclosed archive contains the FAQ of the french speaking Newsgroup
fr.comp.sys.mac, and a view for EasyView to read it.
Document is exclusively in French.
It should be placed in the docuentation directories.
This is version 0.5




Phon ID


Phon ID is designed to address the beginning phase of reading based on the
phonics [as opposed to the see-say] method of reading pedagogy. It is
based on "The Writing Road to Rea...

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