Mailto Helper for BulkRate 1.0b1

WWW mailto & ftp Helper for Bulkrate 1.0b1
Written by Andreas Heissenberger *
Copyright (C)1996, Dipl.Ing. Oswald Heissenberger OEG

This program is distributed as FreeWare but I, A...

Phon ID


Phon ID is designed to address the beginning phase of reading based on the
phonics [as opposed to the see-say] method of reading pedagogy. It is
based on "The Writing Road to Rea...

IBMUG Monthly v1n3, November

This file is the electronic magazine of the Interior Business Mac Users
Group, located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Started just this
Septemer, IBMUG strives to make computing more productive and fun for our
users. This is the November issue...

Compare XFCN, Version 1.2

An external function for Apple HyperCard 2.x

This XFCN closes a gap in HyperCard. With it you can compare two strings, but this XFCN is, unlike HyperCard, case sensitive.
This XFCN is accelerated for PowerPC (only for HyperCard >= 2.3). Also a versi...

CompareString XFCN

An XFCN that will do a case sensitive string compare. CompareString is
part of the Core Collection 2.2.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/card/compare-string-xfcn.hqx

NewtATut 1.4 (Newt application tutorial)

NewtATut 1.4 (Newt Application Tutorial) is a Newton book version based on an
article "Building Native Newton Applications with Newt" that appeared in PDA
(formerly PIE) Developers, Vol. 2.4, July 1994; pp.14-18. This interactive
tutorial will show h...


BirthdayGrabber is an application for Second Sight 3.5 (or greater) that
analyzes your Userlog during a netmail or a nightly external launch of
Second Sight and creates a nicely formatted birthday report that you can
use as a SYSTEMx.MSG or a readabl...

Peekaboo word game: Demo of a variation on Hangman

PEEKABOOx Word Game is a graphical variation on Hangman for young children
(ages 4 - Cool. As the child guesses the letters in a word, a picture depicting
the word is slowly revealed. This is a fun way to learn the meaning of
written words and how to s...

Collection OPS F-1.0.8

This is a set of more than 70 objects to be used with OpenStack.

You'll find objects classified in different folders like ready-made
buttons and fields, tools for buttons, fields, cards, stacks, tools for

ColorText XCMD

ColorText is an XCMD for HyperCard that allows you to draw color text

quickly and easily.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/card/color-text-xcmd.hqx

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