Peekaboo word game: Demo of a variation on Hangman

PEEKABOOx Word Game is a graphical variation on Hangman for young children
(ages 4 - Cool. As the child guesses the letters in a word, a picture depicting
the word is slowly revealed. This is a fun way to learn the meaning of
written words and how to s...

Babylon 5 Newton Book Season 2

This is version 1.0 of the Babylon 5 Season 2 Newton book. I've compiled
all the text from the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
season 2. It includes complete
descriptions of all episodes as well as comments by...

Network Time 2.0.1

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 93 23:04:24 CDT

This is Network Time, version 2.0.1, a minor bug fix release for
Network Time 2.0. Please replace any earlier versions of Network Time
you may have with this.

Network Time is a control panel program that sets the ...

CheckGestaltFor XCMD 1.0a

This is a slightly revised version of CheckGestaltFor XCMD.
It is now version 1.0a. What's different? The biggest difference
is that it was compiled with Codewarrior DR9 (original was
DR 4.5) and it eliminated one library file. Also, the code is

Stuffit sea patches

This is a simple little patch i made with ResCompare.What it does is it
takes out the opening and closing windows on stuffit4.0 self extracting
archive. No more clicking continue and no more hitting quit (it also
eliminates the beep at the end) use t...

StUU 1.1, a fast UUdecoder for the Mac

StUU is a lightning fast, Internet Config aware, drag-and-drop
UUdecoder for the Mac.

Version 1.1 dramatically improves performance on Macs with RAM Doubler
or Virtual Memory turned on. (StUU 1.0 thought it had lots of free
memory to use, and then r...

IBMUG Monthly v1n2, October

This file is the electonic magazine of the Interior Business Mac Users
Group, located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Started just this
Septemer, IBMUG strives to make computing more productive and fun for our
users. This is our second issue, O...

Albrecht 101 - Los Alamos book exemplifies newton press outlining

Herein find an example of what newton press can do. The book I made
from Albrecht's electronic research paper might not be interesting in
content, except to an expert in quantum mechanics interpretation, but it
best exemplifies what anyone can do wit...

11-96 MacAssistant Tips

This is the latest issue of the hot new international newsletter
"MacAssistant Tips and Tutorial". If you are looking for ways to use your
Mac more effectively, you need to download this one. If you are tired of
wading through all the reviews of s...

XTernal Collection 1.0

This file contains a collection of some new XCMDs and XFCNs for HyperCard. They
deal with strings, windows, files, etc. Most of them are accelarated for the
PowerPC processor (needs HyperCard 2.3 or newer), and many of the source codes
are also inclu...

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