The attatched font, Sankavyn, is a dingbat containing images of some
famous women -- and some not so famous. The name, should anyone be
curious, parodies the Maurice Chevalier song "Thank Heaven for little
girls." (Hey, it's not my fault he had an ac...

Lock-Me! 1.0

LOCK-ME! 1.0:

Author: Michael Nolet
Size: a WHOPPING 4,000 bytes!

If you're like me then you often go and get a cup of coffee while
leaving your computer on with programs running. If you're even more like
me you then often find somebody on yo...

Sesame 2.2 - Password protection for your Macintosh

Sesame is a simple but effective safety tool for your Macintosh or
compatible computer. This application prevents unauthorized access by
requesting a password whenever it is launched (for instance at startup).

Security options will prevent a power u...

iMacSelectIcons - Finest quality custom iMac icons!!!

iMacSelectIcons Vol.001
by Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre Art and Design 1998

A gift for all you new iMac owners (and anyone else who
appreciates quality design and icons).

Since you have the...

Extra Textures for BladePro

Here are ten new texture images to use with BladePro, the Photoshop
filter that creates rich 3-D surfaces. Also included are ten BladePro
presets to show off the textures.

To check for updates, visit
http://ccn.cs.dal.ca/~aa731/blade.html .


Alien Scream Alert Sound (16-bit/44kHz )

Abstracts from files in info-mac/art/snd as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

"Alien Scream" Alert Sound

From lightyears away comes the "Alien Scream" alert sound from
Clixsounds. This hi-fidelity stereo sound file has an element of
surrealism like no othe...

Newton Japanese-German Dictionary

JDDict is a Japanese-German dictionary module for CLex. I ported the freely
available data to Newton. The dictionary is a Romaji indexed Japanese-German
dictionary. You should follow the usual Hepburn transcription to look up
Japanese words. The only...

Gemjm - LaScrit


YA-NewsWatcher Multilingual Tables

These tables are for use with YA-NewsWatcher 2.4.0. Some are new,
some are updates of tables included with YA-NewsWatcher 2.4.0.
You need these tables in order to read and write messages
in the following character sets: Baltic, Central European (CE),...

ICTypeChanger 1.3.4

Attached please find version 1.3.4 of ICTypeChanger, still a quick
and dirty way to set file and creator types based on file extensions
and their associations as set in Internet Config.

This version adds no new functionality but is updated to work w...

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