My Secret 1.0 PPC - encryption program for Macintosh

My Secret 1.0 is a tool to encrypt and decrypt text messages. It
supports strong 448 bit Blowfish encryption as well as support for
custom external encryption schemes. Beside other plugins, it comes
with a free Rijndael plugin. For secure hashing,...

YA-AutoPoster: Mac Usenet autposter

YA-AutoPoster is a Mac autoposter which aids you in posting a number of
binaries to a Usenet newsgroup. It automaticaly creates your messages,
complete with binary attachments, and then sends them on their way using


Round Euro 1.1

As you know EURO is normally expressed with two decimals. But, for some
reason, further decimals are rounded on a "4" exceeding basis rather than
"5" (i.e.: Euro 1.445 becomes 1.45 and 1.444 becomes 1.44). This little
HyperCard/Supercard XFCN perform...

MergePDF 1.5

MergePDF is a powerful AppleScript droplet to merge many PDF files into one
PDF file. The main feature of MergePDF is that MergePDF determines the order
of binding PDF files by view order of them in Finder. PDF files will bound
with order as you s...

MacTidy v1.0b13: checks and corrects HTML and XML source

When editing HTML it's easy to make mistakes. Wouldn't it be nice if there
was a simple way to fix these mistakes automatically and tidy up sloppy
editing into nicely laid out markup? Well now there is! MacTidy is a
Macintosh application designed for...

Silvergol 2.0

Silvergol is a Carbon application that enormously facilitates your
formulation of complex systems of Totogol. Silvergol 2.0 lets you:

- create systems combining from 8 to 32 numbers
- constrain the columns by sum of numbers, simmetries, parallels,

Much To Do About Nothing 1.1

This is a simple to do program for the Mac. It offers no frills,
just lets you add items, edit items, and delete items when you finish
them. It was made using MacPython, and then turned into a regular
Mac application. It is licensed under the G...

MyWill 3.0

MyWILL is a 'do it yourself' shareware program for the average
person who may or
may not be married, may or may not have children and whose estate may
or may not
be large enough to be subjected to probate costs, professional fees and taxes.

QIF Web Extract 1.6 - Extracts Investment Transactions from Broker Websites

QIF Web Extract extracts transactions from brokerage website
transaction history pages and converts them into Quicken Interchange
Format (QIF). The resulting QIF file can then be imported into
Quicken. To use QIF Web Extract, you display your tran...

Phonemic Font Pack 1.1.3

This is a new version of my fonts for phonemic transcriptions, Phonemic
Font Package 1.1.3 (PFP). It contains two fonts with a full set of
phonetic symbols (IPA compatible) for phonemic transcriptions of

The font is provided in PostScrip...

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