Fraction Sticks program Sent to ftp site

Program Name: Fraction Sticks

Category: Education / Math

Description: Middle school (grades 5 through 9) math program. Students are
shown two congruent squares that have been divided into different numbers of
"sticks." Students must cli...

Days To Go 2.1.2 - simple reminder program

Have you planned a big holiday, and want to count the days remaining
until you can escape from work. Wondering how many days it has been
since you were married? Then this program is for you.

Days To Go is a simple reminder program that can be ...

Smart Scroll 3.7.3J - Controls Scrolling Speed

This is the Japanese version of the Smart Scroll package.

Smart Scroll: Scrolling speed control, Proportional scrollbar tabs and
Live scrolling.

v3.7.3 December 21, 2001

Smart Scroll allows setting a comfortable Scrolling Speed in all

Minor Update to LetterGothic-EGG Fonts

Attached are two files to replace those of the exact same names within the
Info-Mac Archives. The version numbers have been left the same, because
the *only* change is to the e-mail addresses for user responses.

Best regards,

Mark & Traci In...

NoShift Needed 3.1

NoShift Needed? by MyShare? Publishing Co.


What is it?

NoShift Needed? is a clever little program written with SEVERAL people in
mind. B...

Suffit 1.0

Suffit is a DOS/Windows file suffix manager for Macintosh.
It simply adds suffix to the file names based on the Mac Creator/Type, so,
you don1t have to put the suffix manually and to look at the file to check
if it1s in EPS or TIFF to add the right s...

GestLab 1.2 - The ultimate Gestalt Manager tool

GestLab is a tool that allows you to check all Gestalt selectors posted by
Mac OS or by any other piece of software. It is also a database including
information about your system environment. You see not only some technical
infos but also understanda...

Midius ProjectPlanner 1.3.2

Midius ProjectPlanner is a program for making time schedules (Gantt
charts). It's a simple but yet powerful tool for planning any kind
of project, though it's most useful for small projects.

The 1.3 to 1.3.2 releases corrects the following bugs (and...

Lei Fang StartupScreen.img.bin

A StartupScreen featuring Lei Fang from the
Dreamcast/Playstation 2 video game _Dead or Alive_.
Requires 800x600 resolution or greater (big enough to
use as a desktop picture). Needs Disk Copy and a
MacBinary III decoder to instal...

DiskRecall 1.2.8 (submitted by FTP as diskrecall1.2.8.sit.hqx)

Disk Recall is a super-fast disk and FTP cataloger. It creates catalogs of
any type of disk (floppies, hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zips, AppleShare volumes,
etc...). It features an intuitive Finder-like list view for browsing disk
contents, and a powerf...

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