Countdown Reminder v2.0.1

Countdown Reminder is a neat little utility that takes in an event and the
date, and then counts down the number of days to the event. When placed in
your startup folder, Countdown Reminder will remind you of the number of
days left everytime you st...

DaemonCron Lite 1.5

This small daemon posts messages to the screen, and will launch
documents, AppleScripts, sound files, etc., on any schedule you set.
uses include nagging yourself (via Notification Manager alerts or
AppleScripts), launching Net...

Market Your Shareware

Market Your Shareware -- Macintosh business program

Market Your Shareware takes you to all the best places to market your
software and put your website on the map. This program makes
marketing so easy, you'll be able to concentrate on the creatio...

SmartLaunch 1.2 - application launcher

Tired of searching through folders and menus for applications? SmartLaunch
is a MacOS utility for launching applications. It works somewhat like
Internet Explorer 5. If you type part of the name of the application a list
will show all applications on...

GestLab F-1.2 - L'outil ultime du Gestalt Manager

GestLab est un outil qui permet d'examiner tous les selecteurs Gestalt
postes par Mac OS ou n'importe quel autre logiciel. C'est aussi une base de
donnees qui inclut des informations sur votre environnement systeme. Vous
voyez non seulement des infos...

DiskRecall 1.2.8 (submitted by FTP as diskrecall1.2.8.sit.hqx)

Disk Recall is a super-fast disk and FTP cataloger. It creates catalogs of
any type of disk (floppies, hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zips, AppleShare volumes,
etc...). It features an intuitive Finder-like list view for browsing disk
contents, and a powerf...

[*] DiskSurveyor 2.5

This new version of DiskSurveyor has many new features and enhancements:
- Support for Navigation Services
- A new consolidated view of the main scanning window and the Pie
Charts display, along with the new Bar Charts display
- New netwo...

YooZ 1.71FR

A quoi peut servir YooZ ?

* YooZ enregistre automatiquement dans un fichier les noms des differents
programmes utilises, les dates et heures de lancement, ainsi que leur duree
* YooZ permet de connaitr...

DisSolver - binary and abstract

DisSolver 1.0 is a simple application to manage databases of
chemicals and formulae. It automates exacting but tedious
calculations. Features include:

- Calculation of masses required to make Molar, Normal, and % solutions.
- Mixing stock sol...

YooZ 1.71US

What can you use YooZ for?

* YooZ keeps track of all applications launched on your Macintosh,
providing the date and duration of each session.
* YooZ is completely automatic
* It provides many kinds of lists, like...

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