ActionToolbox 1.3

ActionToolbox 1.3 - Automation plugin for Photoshop developers - Freeware

"ActionToolbox" is a free, developer-oriented, persistent automation
plug-in for Photoshop under Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, written with MPW and the
Photoshop 6.0 SDK.


ARTIS Screen Tools 2.0

The ARTIS Screen Tools 2.0 are a collection of four utilities, useful for
everyone who is designing visual content for on-screen use, like website
developers, graphic designers, and photographers.

The ARTIS Screen Tools include:

* ARTIS Screen Rule...

V&N English German Dictionary - language learning

'English German Dictionary 1.3' is a dictionary module for use with the
'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' programs. You can download the latest
versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' directly from the Info-Mac
archives (the Education/Language di...

Brettrix 1.2 - A free tetris-like game for OS X

Changes in this version are listed at http://cocoa.co.nz/brettrixhistory.html

The gameplay of Brettrix will be familiar for many of you. Different
shaped pieces will fall from the top of the window, and you have to
move and rotate them...

AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx : make your own African percussion

Suggested Directory/ art

AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx is an algorithmic stand-alone music
application that allows you to program and play a colorful African drum
and idiophone ensemble. Or, let it program/play itself according to
random sett...

Measles 2.2

Measles provides you with little bouncy spheres on your desktop which
are fun and colorful. They can be configured to act as CPU monitors,
changing color according to how busy your machine is, or they can use a
wide variety of color schemes and fi...

Ouroboros Screen Saver 1.0

Rotating Ouroboros Screen Saver
Version 1.0

This is a Mac OS X screen saver featuring a 360 degree
rotating Ouroboros.

niteowl69@mac.com(This file must be converted with BinHex 4.0)

!KeyGraphics! Bitmap Font

!KeyGraphics! is a bitmap font originally created to be used with
ResEdit's KCHR editor, but it didn't work very well, so now it's just
for fun. It can still be used with the KCHR editor if you want, but it
doesn't look as nice as it was meant to....

TreoCallLog 1.2

TreoCallLog 1.2 is an OS X application for displaying and analyzing
call logs generated by any of Handspring's "Treo" combined
PDA/Cellphones or the older Handspring Visorphone. It allows all of
your cellular calls to be displayed or printed by mo...

Haxial NetFone 1.400

Haxial NetFone is an encrypted multi-user Internet telephone. ie it lets
you talk (literally, without typing), to 1 or more people over the
Internet. You can talk to multiple people at the same time, and your
security and privacy is protected by e...

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