Ilegal Instruction: Chapter 11

VCFeast 2.0: A Personal History of Computing - Audio

Art ruminates on the 35 years he's spent in the computer industry, and the changes he's witnessed along the way.

Recorded at Vintage Computer Festival East 2.0 by Joe Crobak.

Juxtaposing Past with Future: Utility Computing

Balint Fleischer and Adam Mendoza of Sun Microsystems will give a retrospective of storage networks and discuss how everything old is new again.

Recorded at Vintage Computer Festival East 2.0 by J

Preserving Computing's Past Through Simulation

SIMH is the Computer History Simulation Project, an Internet-based collective aimed at preserving computing's heritage by simulating systems of historic interest. Started in 1993, the project now encompasses more than 20 systems, including the DEC PDP-1, PDP-4/7/9/15, PDP-8, PDP-11, and VAX; the Data General Nova and Eclipse; the HP 2100 series; the Interdata 16b and 32b series; the IBM 1401, 1620, 1130, and System/3; and many others. SIMH has provided a vehicle for running the earliest versions of Unix (including the first 32b port), for reconstructing lost software systems such as XVM/DOS, and extending the development life of "nearly current" systems like 2.11BSD for the PDP-11. SIMH is constantly being expanded to include new systems, additional capabilities for existing simulators, and greater interactivity with "real world" peripherals such as networks and graphics.

VCF Ramblings - Audio

Sellam fills everyone in on the latest happenings at the Vintage Computer Festival, including future events and interesting projects, plus the status of the Vintage Computer Festival Archives.


Atari 7800 20th Anniversary - Audio

Curt Vendel and Steve Golson take a look back at an incredible game console. The Atari 7800 was slated for original release in June of 1984 despite the lackluster videogaming market. But due to a change in management at Atari, the console was delayed by two years and wasn't introduced to market until 1986. This restrospective looks back at the development and evolution of this game console that, for 1984, was far ahead of its time.


This is a figFORTH 1.1 port originally distributed by W. F. Ragsdale for the Rockwell AIM65 back in the late seventies. Will has taken this listing and made a port to the Apple I/Replica I, resulting in a powerful programming environment for experimentation or computer control applications. FORTH is still popular today and is found in such diverse applications as embedded controllers and PDA's to NASA applications on the Space Shuttle! Written in machine code.

Star Trek

Vince's new version of the classic 1970's BASIC game, Star Trek.

Sleep Script

A script to make your computer go to sleep, written for someone in the MacAddict forums (check em out www.macaddict.com) who wanted a button to make his computer sleep. All you have to do is bind it

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