Macintosh, 68K

Compubrick Accessories

Accessores for the Compubrick computers.

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Balderdoush Startup
Balderdoush is an adaptation of Boulderdash, one of the best games on C64 and ATARI 130XE.


How to add a CD-ROM drive to the Macintosh SE/30.

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The Newspaper Mac

Old news, but still a clever hack.

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I'm sorry, Dave...

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DuoDesk 280c

This simple conversion transforms the Duo into a compact desktop.

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A little paint, an extra fan, and of course, a radiation symbol.

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G4 Quietsilver Fan & LCD Mod

Keep your Mac cool with an LCD temperature monitor and a fan-failure warning siren.

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iMac Jr

A compact desktop Macintosh. What more do you need?

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The Black Stripe

This is one racey Powerbook.

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