Power Macintosh

Hard drive sandwich

G3 hard drive sandwich
Using aluminum bar stock, eeun puts the squeeze on hard drive noise!

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Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

TAM Spartacus

How do you mark with prestige and elegance the 20th birthday of the most influential and important company in the history of the microcomputer? For 20 years, Apple had the will and motivation to create a new design rather than a new computer. The designers, with Jonathan Ive at their head describe the principal design features as beautiful, refined, with few cables and efficiency, and most important, wicked fast.

The SILENT 3rd generation eMac

Enermax front detail

A modification to silence the fan makes this enhanced 3rd generation eMac just perfect!

Burlwood 'Book

Forget Bookwares--Look at this.
Burlwood 'Book

Quadra 7100 Digital Camouflage

A PowerMac 7100 logic board stuffed into a Quadra 700 case - painted in an air force 'digital camouflage' scheme.

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Quadra 7100b/G3 - Power Mac 7100/G3 in a Black Quadra 700 case

My first non-Color Classic hack combines Molecubond spray dye with a wireless keyboard, and a G3/PPC upgrade for the great Quadra 700 form-factor.

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iBook G4 case mod.. pretty in pink!

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1400 to Brain 'Book - the Whole Sordid Tale.

In homage of Learningsmith--General Store For A Curious Mind.

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Want to overclock and water-cool your G4? Here's how.

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A quick Mac battery replacement

Battery replacement - finished
Quickly make make a replacement Mac battery.

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