Games, Apple I

Apple 1 Infocom Interpreter Preloader

Pre-loader for Apple II Infocom interpreter version "A" to allow games to be played on an Apple 1 with a CFFA1 card. Load preloader at $0500, interpreter at $0800, and store game file in current prefix on the CFFA1 as INFOCOM.DAT

Execute $0500 to run, $0600 to re-enter.

8k Apple I ASCII Graphics Lunar Lander (With ACI Audio Hack)

This is a highly modified version of Lunar Lander (Rocket) from 101 Basic Computer Games, where the original has no graphics, this has ASCII graphics with a lot of hidden effects Smile
This will run on an 8k Apple-1 or Mimeo with Basic loaded

Apple I Enhanced Checkers 8k

Modified version of Vince Briel's Checkers for the Apple I. I made some usability modifications like printing the grid numbers on the board and reprinting the board if you enter an incorrect move. I also changed the messages to make more sense.

8k Apple 1 Star Trek Basic code

Microchess for the Apple I

The original chess game for a microcomputer, written in 1976.

Mastermind - A Number Game for the 6502

The game "Mastermind" written by Steve Wozniak for the Dr. Dobbs Journal. The game source code listings will work on the Apple I, as stated by steve in the article.

Star Trek - Recovered from Apple 1 Owners Club tape

To play the game, enter Basic by typing 'E000R' then download the game and it will load and run automatically.


Creative Computing Hamurabi for the Apple 1.


Game of Life

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