Apple I

Apple's $5000 Loan

Apple Computer's Loan Agreement with Allen Baum and Elmer Baum dated April 6 1976

Is this the loan that allowed Apple to make the first 50 Apple Is?

$5000 loan ammount to be paid back in 3 months with $250 interest.

Floating Point Routines for the 6502 by Roy Rankin and Steve Wozniak

Originally published in the August 1976 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, these
floating point routines allow 6502 users to perform most of the more popular and
desired floating point and transcendental functions, namely: Natural Log, Common
Log, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and conversions between
floating and fixed point numbers.

Woz 6502 Floating Point Routines

Dated 4-6-76, this is a 10 page hand written PDF from Steve Wozniak. Handwritten source code at the end.

The scans are 600dpi B/W preserved due to the efforts of David Craig.

This file is for All 6502 machines, but was authored in the Apple I erra.

I can provide this, plus many other historical apple documents on 5 DVDs for the cost of duplication. e-mail

Replica 1 Setup and Users Manual

This is the replica 1 setup and users manual in pdf format. This revision includes the serial I/O chapters

Replica 1 Schematic

This is a schematic of the replica 1 in pdf format.

Star Trek - Recovered from Apple 1 Owners Club tape

To play the game, enter Basic by typing 'E000R' then download the game and it will load and run automatically.


Creative Computing Hamurabi for the Apple 1.


ASCII Hex Equivalents

Program to print ASCII HEX equivalent of any keyboard character


This is a figFORTH 1.1 port originally distributed by W. F. Ragsdale for the Rockwell AIM65 back in the late seventies. Will has taken this listing and made a port to the Apple I/Replica I, resulting in a powerful programming environment for experimentation or computer control applications. FORTH is still popular today and is found in such diverse applications as embedded controllers and PDA's to NASA applications on the Space Shuttle! Written in machine code.

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