Apple III motherboard identification

An excerpt from the "Apple /// Do-it-Yourself Manual".
This document explains how to identify an Apple /// motherboard by pointing the differences between the 5V and the 12V versions.

Note : I'm not sure the R58 position is accurate as it points to RP1.

SID info and stuff

SID info and stuff

LEGO PowerFunctions/NXT Brick Battery Box Hack

Here's the PDF of how to do this battery pack expansion for the LEGO NXT Brick, using a LEGO PowerFunctions battery box.New Box Side ViewV2smaller.jpg

101 Basic Computer Games Modified Rocket for Briel Replica1 ASCII Graphics

For those who can't use my Lunar Lander because they do not have an ACI interface for audio or for those who want to use an emulator that does not support the ACI, here is a version that is clean of ACI calls...

Spacewar Source Code

This is the source code to the June 1963 version of Spacewar for the PDP-1.

Aamber Pegasus "Theory of Operation" Manual

This is the "theory of operation" document for the Aamber Pegasus. I don't know how complete it is, but it's an interesting bit of computer history all the same. I obtained it with hopes that it would contain a section on the power supply, which it does have a little bit of, however my Pegasus remains in un-known condition.

JAE part#RX04-26P-SF1

Schematic for a Newton Interconnect plug.

Building a Case for a Replica-1 Computer

As a person with multiple hobbies, I finally found a way to combine at least two of my part-time interests: namely, woodworking and the Replica-1 computer by Vince Briel.

Fun with Nigerian Scammers PDF

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