Other Data File

ProClock ROM v1.1

EPROM Image for ProClock/Superclock //e Clock/Calendar card. V1.1


CKeeper firmware

Dump of CKeeper EPROM v0.982

Vulcan ROM GS20

Apple Partnership Agreement

The birth of Apple! This is the partnership agreement between Steve Jobs (45%) Steve Wozniak (45%) and Ronald Wayle (10%).

Apple's $5000 Loan

Apple Computer's Loan Agreement with Allen Baum and Elmer Baum dated April 6 1976

Is this the loan that allowed Apple to make the first 50 Apple Is?

$5000 loan ammount to be paid back in 3 months with $250 interest.

Apple Tech CD directory

This is the Directory of the Apple Tech Repair CD for The 2003 iBook

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