Spacewar Source Code

This is the source code to the June 1963 version of Spacewar for the PDP-1.

Bolo 0.99.2

Bolo is a 16 player graphical networked real-time multi-player tank battle game. It has elements of arcade-style shoot-em-up action, but for the serious players who play 12 hour games with 16 players working in teams in different networked computer clusters around an office or university campus, it becomes more of a strategy game.


Classic artillery game. Adjust powder and angle, taking wind into account.


City Defense

Missle Command clone.


Desk Accessory

Chips and DIPS

Bachman 2.0u (Color)

I felt that the Mac didn't have a Pacman game that was good enough to fit my taste. The old MacMan doesn't work under MultiFinder, and the newer MacChase doesn't have any really good animation. (No little chewing character or nasty-looking enemies.)


TRON clone.

BMX - The Racing Game

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