Role Playing Games

Ultima 5 fat tunes

Some Music files from Ultima 5. Recorded with 2 Mockingboards and a Korg 05R/W Midi Expander. The Music was not later mixed together, but recorded live from the Computer using a multichannel mixer to get all 6 synch channels together. Some equalization as well as some balancing were made with the mixer.

The Korg 05R/W was introduced 1993 and offers some nice multilayered Instruments that give the songs a lot more depth...
... that means using this midi-expander is a bit like cheating Wink

Hamurabi iPod to Apple 1 File

Hamurabi game adapted from 101 Basic Computer Games by W. Sander in aiff forma

Digital Messiah 2.0

Welcome to Digital Messiah, a role-playing/arcade game featuring 256 colors, digitized sound, an intricate map generator, artificially intelligent opponents, and random mission assignments for infinit

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