LogoP; module of the Platypus Collection

Keywords: Tiling, Color, Platypus, Puzzle, Hypercard, graphics

LogoP is a plug-in to the Platypus Collection. It requires Hypercard 2.1
or Player (or higher), 4 Megabytes or more of of RAM and a color Mac. It
has been extensively tested on syste...

lusions.hqx via FTP

Illusion Match known as lusions.hqx helps kids of all ages to
improve their reading comprehension by matching eight narratives with
eight illusions. Illusion Match is a fully functional standalone
shareware application.
Joe Hamm...

Italian Dictionaries for Word Translator

An installer which adds Italian-English and English-Italian dictionaries to
Word Translator for Macintosh.

More information, instructions and downloads are available at

Halldor Gislason
author of Word Translator for ...

Letter Drop

Letter Drop teaches young children how to match upper and lower case
letters as well as learning which letter comes before and after.
Letter Drop is freeware and requires the free Hypercard Player.

Path: /www/exparrot/

LetterWorld 1.9.8a - An educational childrens game

Letter World is a children's game designed to help them learn
associations of letters and words (as well as keep them entertained for
awhile). At least 1 Meg of ram should be used to run the game, but 1.2
Meg is suggested and 1.5 Meg is best. It sh...

Arcs & Sectors

Arcs & Sectors

Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in
context. Given the radius or diameter of a circle, and the measure of a
central angle, students must find the following: the area of the circle; the
area of ...

Angle Fireworks program sent to ftp site

Program Name: Angle Fireworks

Category: Education / Math

Description: Math education program for students in grades 4 through 8.
Students measure an on-screen angle to launch a fireworks rocket towards its
intended destination.

Gary Smith

Angle Doubling (this time with file)

Program name :
Angle Doubling

Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in
context. Students write and solve simple algebra problems, then manipulate
the vertices of an on-screen triangle so that it match...

KinderGrid 1.1

KinderGrid builds original interactive crossword puzzles for children
(4-8) just beginning to identify letters and spell words. Children can
solve each puzzle using color pictures or written clues. Animated letter
carriers, a spelling train, spell...

KKGames 1.05

KKGames v1.05
KKGames consists of 5 games for children:

Drag letters to form words; computer will (attempt) to pronounce them.

Design stained-glass-like patterns using a palette of 256 colors;
designs are printable.


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