[*] Kid Pix - freeware paint application for kids (and adults too)

Date: Sat, 17 Aug 91 14:40:07 EST
Organization: Connecticut's Business School

This is Craig Hickman's freeware version of Kid Pix. There's a commercial
version that supports color paint and enhanced features. This version IS
a full featured blac...

Spanish Lesson 1.1 - foreign language learning

The document called 'Spanish Lesson' contains a few interactive computer
lessons of Spanish. To use it you need to have the 'Language Toolkit
Reader' program version 1.6 or higher which is available from Info-Mac
mirror sites.

The file demonstrates ...

Spanish Nouns 1.1.1 - foreign language learning

Spanish Nouns 1.1.1 is a module written by Juan Manuel Soto Arrivi for the
language learning programs 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup'. It is for
students learning Spanish as a foreign language.

This module helps you to study and practise the differ...

Keys via FTP

Keys is a fully functional standalone Macintosh shareware
application for children of all ages to help them improve their reading
of 700 of the most used words in the English language as well as sharpen
their keyboarding skills as they type letter...

KidCalc! 0.91

KidCalc! is a Cool Calculator for Kids... and the Kid inside us.

This is a Big, colorfull calculator with sounds and mistake correction
capabilities made specially for kids. Is the first in a series of themed
calculators. A great replacement to the ...

Simple Latin 1.0

The included file contains Simple Latin 1.0, an easy to use
Latin-English and English-Latin shareware dictionary for the Mac. More
information, updates and downloads at:

Path: /www/exparrot/

Imagino 1.1 hc

This Story Book was made with HyperCard
This Story Book in it's electronic form is Free! and may be freely distributed as long as nothing is changed. And is accompanied with its Read Me File.
But all rights to this story, the character Imagino, the n...

WorkSheet Maker 2.3.3

This application makes A4/US Letter Math Worksheets for Primary (K-6)
Education: you choose the type and the range of numbers: from adding
within 10, through division with and without remainders, to
multiplication of numbers up to 99999 by tens and u...

KeyWack 2.0

KeyWack is a game for babies who like to sit at their parent's Mac and
bang the keyboard. KeyWack prevents babies from accidentally opening most
programs or documents, and makes banging even more fun by drawing shapes
and playing random sounds as the...

GeoGenius World

GeoGenius World
Shareware: $16
Author: LittleFingers Software
System requirements: Any Mac running system 7+, 4 MB RAM, minimum 14" color

Do you know where Tajikistan is located? Test your knowledge of world
geography with GeoGenius World!...

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