Soviet 2002 Font

Soviet 2002 is a font that I put together back in 1997 or 1998 and then
promptly forgot about as the demands of school, job-hunting, etc.,
pulled me away from font design.


German DTP keyboard layout for the system suitcase. Makes it easier to access
special signs, such as typographically correct quotes and corrects some common
typographic mistakes automatically.

Path: /www/exparrot/

Vespasian 2.0 T1 - a freeware uncial typeface

Vespasian is an uncial typeface based on the script in an 8th century
manuscript. Version 2.0 is a radical upgrade with the addition of lower
case characters, accented characters and more punctuation.

This archive contains the Postscript Type 1 vers...


TypoTapps/PlusTapps - German keyboard layouts. PlusTapps enables easier
access to euro-sign, at-sign and other special characters, TypoTapps
additionally simplifies the access to typographically correct quotes and
corrects some common typographic ...

Smitholution Font 0.96b

This is an update of the smithz bitmap-font-family. Main Feature:
Optimized Pixels!

Styles: Classic, Classic Plus, Capitals, Bold, Bold Caps, Fixedwidth,
Ultra Cond, Ultra Cond Caps, Menu Cond, Menu Black, Menu Caps, Menu
Lite, Mini, Mini Ultra, Qu...


TOONTIME - is a font inspired by the distinctive lettering of a certain modern cartoon classic. The font contains many familiar characters, as well as some I created in the style of the original. Until now, this font has been difficult, if not imposs...

Font "TryferSans"

Sans Serif font with a lot of curves.
Postscript Type 1 font, complete with all foreign characters. This is a
display font. The specimen of the font can be viewed at:

Path: /www/exparrot/


Scratch is a hand-drawn font, a bit grungy, like it was done by someone
a little angry, going over the letters several times. Also included are
samples of other fonts available. Why not look through the archive for
Cropper, Fontastic-samples and Renn...

SeaChel Bitmap Fonts

SeaChel is a collection of tiny fonts. There are four versions of
SeaChel. The first is a full proportional text font. SeaChel Mono is a
monospaced version, with some characters tweaked to fit into smaller
space. SeaChel PW is consisted entirely of b...

Symbats 1.1 (PostScript) - a Pagan dingbats font

Symbats is a Pagan dingbats font. It contains lots of pentagrams, a full
set of astrological glyphs, solar and lunar symbols, and much more.This
archive contains the PostScript Type 1 version for the Macintosh. A
Macintosh TrueType version is also av...

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