German DTP keyboard layout for the system suitcase. Makes it easier to access
special signs, such as typographically correct quotes and corrects some common
typographic mistakes automatically.

Path: /www/exparrot/

Vespasian 2.0 T1 - a freeware uncial typeface

Vespasian is an uncial typeface based on the script in an 8th century
manuscript. Version 2.0 is a radical upgrade with the addition of lower
case characters, accented characters and more punctuation.

This archive contains the Postscript Type 1 vers...


TypoTapps/PlusTapps - German keyboard layouts. PlusTapps enables easier
access to euro-sign, at-sign and other special characters, TypoTapps
additionally simplifies the access to typographically correct quotes and
corrects some common typographic ...

Soviet 2002 Font

Soviet 2002 is a font that I put together back in 1997 or 1998 and then
promptly forgot about as the demands of school, job-hunting, etc.,
pulled me away from font design.


Scratch is a hand-drawn font, a bit grungy, like it was done by someone
a little angry, going over the letters several times. Also included are
samples of other fonts available. Why not look through the archive for
Cropper, Fontastic-samples and Renn...

SeaChel Bitmap Fonts

SeaChel is a collection of tiny fonts. There are four versions of
SeaChel. The first is a full proportional text font. SeaChel Mono is a
monospaced version, with some characters tweaked to fit into smaller
space. SeaChel PW is consisted entirely of b...

Symbats 1.1 (PostScript) - a Pagan dingbats font

Symbats is a Pagan dingbats font. It contains lots of pentagrams, a full
set of astrological glyphs, solar and lunar symbols, and much more.This
archive contains the PostScript Type 1 version for the Macintosh. A
Macintosh TrueType version is also av...

SeasonsGreetings font

Enclosed is a novelty font for use at Christmas. It is very limited because
it does not have all the letters, but it does make a nice "Merry Christmas"
or "Seasons Greetings" headline or insert. (The letters are in little
Christmas tree ornaments).


Font "Therea"

Sans Serif font with rounding themes.
Postscript Type 1 font, complete with all foreign characters. This is a
display font. It comes with Normal and Bold. The specimen of the font can be
viewed at:

Path: /www/exparro...

Smitholution Font 0.96b

This is an update of the smithz bitmap-font-family. Main Feature:
Optimized Pixels!

Styles: Classic, Classic Plus, Capitals, Bold, Bold Caps, Fixedwidth,
Ultra Cond, Ultra Cond Caps, Menu Cond, Menu Black, Menu Caps, Menu
Lite, Mini, Mini Ultra, Qu...

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