Apple I, possible Homebrew query

I’m researching a book on that era as it relates to the formation of Apple. I represent the owner of an Apple I, and we're attempting to trace its ownership history down through the years.


C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 13 Oct 95 Volume 3 : Issue 116

Today's Topics:

ANSI C++, exceptions, globals, etc, in shared libs?!?
Creating an Alias
DNR lib and MacTCP.h
Getting Volume Icon?
How do...

MacSense June 1996 BW

MacSense June 1996. Volume 3, Issue 4.

It finally happened! IBM has licensed the Mac OS! June's MacSense reveals the
details of the monumental deal. Also in this issue: Apple's latest introductions,
including "speed bumped" Power Macs and new up...

MacSense July 1996. Volume 3, Issue 5.

It's July! And here in the northern hemisphere, it's begun to get hot. So
too is this month's MacSense! In July's issue, you'll learn about Apple's
planned limited edition 20th anniversary Macintosh, MacOS 7.5.3 Revision 2
for PowerBooks and PCI Macs...


C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 29 Sep 95 Volume 3 : Issue 114

Today's Topics:

Balloon help in modeless dialog???
Determining your ports
Disable Shift startup?
Error Strings in Resource file?
How do ...


C.S.M.P. Digest Fri, 06 Oct 95 Volume 3 : Issue 115

Today's Topics:

6-byte xDEFs - still a valid technique?
Apple Camera API
AppleScript recursiveness
Code to copy files?
Debugging tips? ...

Loeten am Mac (welding your mac)

Please find enclosed Loeten am Mac V0.016. Partially English, partial
German, it describes lots of home-brewn soldering extensions on your

Ranging from cable pinouts, via cartridge refills to general (hardware)
tips and tricks. Particular...

MacSense May 1996

MacSense May 1996. Volume 3, Issue 3.

Apple's going to post a $700 million dollar loss for this quarter--and it's
actually a good thing! Find out why in May's MacSense!

May's issue is busting at the seams! This month we introduce a new feature
to h...


C.S.M.P. Digest Mon, 25 Sep 95 Volume 3 : Issue 113

Today's Topics:

Deselecting Edit Text Items in Modeless Dialog
Durnit... mouseMoved events...
Mac Game Gurus: Need For Errata
Mac Game Programmi...

MacSense March 1996. Volume 3, Issue 2.

March's MacSense is filled to the brim with news and notes from all
over! Learn all about Apple's robust new AIX servers

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