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FolderBuilder 1.3

FolderBuilder 1.3 is an organizing/publishing/archiving helper utility for
MacOS that allows you to automatically create dated, hierarchical folders.
Great for organizing/archiving date specific material! Requires System 7.1,
AppleScript 1.1 (& stand...

Fractal Generation 1.3

FractalGeneration 1.3 render still images and Quicktime compressed
movies of escape type fractals. Color tables can be easily created
thanks to a 3D color picker, while a special camera path editor
allows you to pin point your movie. Color rend...

ODLog for Macintosh version 1.1.2

ODLog is a scientific data collection tool used for the accurate
timing and recording of observational data. It was primarily designed
for the manual scoring of live or videotaped observational data by
researchers working in the behavioral science...

Number Theory

Number Theory

is a HyperCard stack for experimenting with number theory. It is
expandable, already includes a couple of experiments to start with, and
expands itself if you have HyperCard of 2.5 with the HigherMath extension.

Number Theory was crea...

FlightMath 1.1

Aimed at pilots and flight simulator aficionados, FlightMath
dramatically eases the tedious mathematical calculations associated
with planning a flight. Features include:

* Wind course corrections: calculate the heading necessary to

N0ONG Wind Chill Calculator

A simple Freeware utility for calculating wind chill. Wind chill is
calculated when the wind speed is over 4 MPH and the temperature is
50 or below. If these values are exceeded the result window will
display "No Wind Chill"


Why spend hours converting measurement units with look-up tables and
calculations when Equalizer, the first ever spreadsheet unit conversion
program, can do it for you in seconds? Equalizer has it all - more than 1,500
units in 80 groups, the ability...

Equation Solver

This program solves equations of second degree. Any macintosh with more than
20 MHz should handle the program well.

Martin Furmanski

Path: /www/exparrot/

EscapeFractals 1.3

EscapeFractals 1.3 is a freeware program that draws escape-time fractals,
as described by Clifford Pickover in his article "Automatic Generation of
General Quadratic Map Basins", in _Computers and Graphics_, Mar/Apr 1995.
Full instructions are given ...

N0ONG Ultimeter II Display

N0ONG Ultimeter II Display is a graphical display of current weather
conditions along with Today's High Temperature, Today's Low
Temperature, Today's High Wind Gust, and Wind Chill. And yesterdays
average temperature. It also keeps track of averag...

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