This newton book has all the Forward Migration files from MacCentral's
website as of July 6, 1998. Please send any additions or bug reports to

Steven Romero, Editor
The Worm's View
A publication of Apple Squires of the Ozarks

Connecticut Firearms laws Newton book - GUN_CT.sea.hqx

Enclosed in the file is a book for Apple Newtons, that contains firearms laws
for the State of Connecticut, downloaded from the State's web site, September,
1997. There is a rather complete table of contents included.

The packages uses 104kb on the...

Newton Japanese-German Dictionary

JDDict is a Japanese-German dictionary module for CLex. I ported the freely
available data to Newton. The dictionary is a Romaji indexed Japanese-German
dictionary. You should follow the usual Hepburn transcription to look up
Japanese words. The only...

Jupiter's Moons 1.0

Jupiter's Moons 1.0 - is a Newton program that allows you to view the
configuration of the four largest moons of Jupiter. Jupiters Moons provides you a
view as if you were looking through binoculars or a telescope at the planet
Jupiter. You are able...

The Eye of Argon

Attached is a Newton-Book form of the classic story "The Eye of Argon" by
Jim Theis.

This book is widely considered to be the worst book ever written -- and a
quick look at the first few paragraphs will tell you why. It's a rare
reader that can tak...

Newton Book Troubleshooting 101

Hey! What's this?

This Newton package / book is intended to help you troubleshoot your
Macintosh computer if it bombs or freezes under System 7.0 through 7.5.3.
It won't help you with a "Sad Mac" on startup problem, won't bring back a
trashed file, ...

Newton Book

Attached you will find an updated Newton Book of the Forward Migration
stories found on Maccentral's website. Included are 10 new stories which
include a couple of stories from Singapore and detailed Mac software
offerings for dental, general medical...

Generic Drug Info for Newton

May 17, 1997 -- Mankato MN -- For Immediate Release

Iverson Software Co., of Mankato, MN, is pleased to announce Release 1
of the NewtonBook of Generic Drugs. The new NewtonBook contains over 300
generic drugs, and lists their manufacturer, tradenam...

Solar panels for PowerBooks and Newtons (Newton book)

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 16:35:56 -0600

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"


Attached is a Newton book about solar panels for PowerBooks and Newtons
from KISS. They sent me this information upo...

Newton English-Chinese Dictionary

ECDict is a English-Chinese dictionary module for CLex.

You will be needing:

A Newton with NOS2.0 or later.
At least a set of Chinese font in unicode format.

CLex dictionary engine. CLex is a shareware multilingual dictionary engine.
Notably it ...

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