FAR Part 61 Newton book - FAR61.sea.hqx

Enclosed in the file is a book for Apple Newtons, that contains Part 61
(Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors) of the U.S.
Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR PART 61) and is current through Amendment
61-103 as published ...

FAR Part 91 Newton book - FAR91.sea.hqx

Enclosed in the file is a book for Apple Newtons, that contains Part 91
(General Operating and Flight Rules) of the U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations
(14 CFR PART 91) and is current through Amendment 91-254 as published in the
Federal Register on 4/9...

CLex 2.0.0b uploaded to macgifts@info-mac.org.


CLex for Mac is a multilingual dictionary/spelling check engine for
Macintosh. With CLex you can lookup a word from within any application
by pressing Command-ENTER or click at a button of the floating window.
The spelling can be checked as...

Newt Dev Env FAQ 3.2

keywords: Newt, FAQ, NewtonScript, application development environment

This FAQ answers some "frequently asked questions" about Newt, a Newton
environment for developing applications in NewtonScript and saving as
packages directly on your Newton. N...


Director is a Newton MP2000 application that allows the user to store
sets of directions to various destinations. When a direction set is
recalled, it can then be displayed in 36-point type on the Newton screen,
one step at a time; stepping throug...

NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt turtle tutorial)

NewtTurT 1.4 (Newt Turtle Tutorial) is an interactive tutorial (Newton book)
that will show how you can program in NewtonScript with turtle-style
graphics directly on your Newton using Newt. There is also a related book
-- NewtATut (Newt Application...

Downtown Map 1.0

Downtown Map is a Newton Book made with Newton Press 1.1. It is a
detailed map of central city area of Singapore.

System Requirements
*Newton MessagePad 2000, 2100 or e-Mate
*Newton OS 2.0 or later (only tested on 2.1, though)
*750kB of Memory Space...

Newton Software list

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 17:55:41 -0700

Nwt Software 211.fm.rt - Formerly called the Totally Incomplete List of
Newton Software - Want a totally incomplete list of all software
(shareware, freeware, public domain and commercial) for the Newton? The


DripCalc - is a small (11k installed) calculator for figuring IV
medication doses for 16 common ICU drugs. Useful for anyone who spends
a lot of time with ICU patients. For example, if your patient is on
dobutamine at 4 cc/hr mixed as 1gm/250 cc and...

The FINAL rev of the Macworld Boston 94 app!

Date: Sun, 31 Jul 1994 16:04:24 -0400 (EDT)

Well, some last minute stuff, as usual. It's a macWorld Boston 1994
vendor booth listing browser. Install the 2 included apps and go to town!

If I see you at the show, you better have your $5 sharewar...

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