I use MESS as my primary Apple 1 emulator because I don’t own an apple 1 replica, nor do I own any type of Apple computer whatsoever. I wanted to be able to load games and programs from the cassette emulation MESS provides but quickly found out .wav files for the Apple 1 emulator were few and far between, and physically typing out several thousand line of code was not an option!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the Apple I ACI output

Hook up a +40-60db microphone pre-amp to your stereo (If your TV you are using as a monitor has a good amp built in you may hear something on max volume) or use a bass guitar or PA amp like I am, though I tested my DYNEX 15" TV on max volume and can hear it.

Then type attached basic program....

or load the wav file after loading basic

4A.00FFR 800.FFFR

Star Trek 8k Apple I Basic

To load: Load Basic at E000.EFFF

LOMEM = 768
CALL -151

C100R (load cassette)
4A.00FFR 300.FFFR


Apple Star-Trek by Robert J. Bishop

APPLE STAR-TREK is an additional version of the "STAR-TREK"
type of games in which you must find and shoot down the "bad
guys," the Klingons. The rules are very similar to most
STAR-TREK games.


Very first CDrive prototype.

Schematic and photo of the first CDrive (internal hard drive for Apple //c).

Apple 1 Basic for iPod

Apple 1 Basic in aiff format for loading with an iPod.

Hamurabi iPod to Apple 1 File

Hamurabi game adapted from 101 Basic Computer Games by W. Sander in aiff forma

Apple One complete manual

An Apple one Manual. Found it somewere last year.


Apple FPGA Version 1.0

CC65 patches for Apple1/Replica1

The Apple1 is a questionable target for a C compiler due to its small memory size and disjointed memory map. The Replica1, on the other hand, is a near perfect single board target with its 32K contiguous RAM and nice I/O expansion. Compare this with what WDC offers as a single board development platform for $695.

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