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Apple Compote (side B)

Classical Sider
1. Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld (Jacques Offenbach)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (2:37)
2. Hoe Down from Rodeo (Aaron Copland)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (3:18)
3. The Birth of Kije from LLieutenant Kije Suite (Serge Prokofiev)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (4:20)
4. Trumpet Tune (Henry Purcell)
Chris Light, Mountain Computing Music System (1:58)

Silicon Valley Pops
5. Over There (George M. Cohan)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (2:15)
6. Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (2:45)
7. The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (1:40)

Apple Compote (Music Casette)

This is a digitized Version of the 1983 MC "Apple Compote".

Content (Side A)

Jammin' at the Orchard

1. Little Rock Getaway (Joe Sullivan)
Antone Walloch, ALF MC16 (2:24)
2. Swingin' in the Country (Craig Crossman)
Craig Crossman, ALF MC16 (1:39)

Synthesized Seeds

3. Galaxy Gap (Robin Jigour)
Robin Jigour, alphaSynthauri (2:23)
4. Bus Stomp (Mario Acerra)
Mario Acerra, alphaSynthauri (2:38)
5. March of the Womp Rats (Greg Bloom)
Greg Bloom, ALF MC1 (1:14)
6. Celtic Suite (Traditional)
Chris Light, Electric Duet (4:57)
7. Oceanotion (Gerry Asp)
Gerry Asp, Soundchaser (4:01)

ALF MC1 Songs

LEGO PowerFunctions/NXT Brick Battery Box Hack

Here's the PDF of how to do this battery pack expansion for the LEGO NXT Brick, using a LEGO PowerFunctions battery box.New Box Side ViewV2smaller.jpg

101 Basic Computer Games Modified Rocket for Briel Replica1 ASCII Graphics

For those who can't use my Lunar Lander because they do not have an ACI interface for audio or for those who want to use an emulator that does not support the ACI, here is a version that is clean of ACI calls...

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