The Holy Grail

Excerpted from the Applefritter FAQ

Q: How do I turn this laptop/iMac screen into a monitor?

12" K'nex PowerBook G4 stand

K'nex 12
Easy, Effective, and bringing back very fond memories of my younger days, I constructed a stand for my 12 inch PBG4.

Joe Torzewski

I bought my Apple 1 or as later named the Apple-I computer back in August 1977 and I still have my original Bill of Sale and Money Order Receipt for it. The board was selling for $666.66 retail at the time.


A printer commonly used with the Apple I.

MacQuarium gallery updated!

Vintage Computer Festival - Friday Talks

It's the first day of the Vintage Computer Festival and as usual, there was a terrific line-up of speakers. Recordings are available below. Check back Saturday night for more, or join us at Sun's Burlington Campus to attend them live.

Special Kevin Mitnick Interview

In a one on one interview with Kevin Mitnick, we discuss weak links in most companies' security, what the right balance of social engineering and tech exploits is, and some personal incidents from Kevins own life.

Steve Wozniak HOPE Keynote

We got to listen to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computer and hacker legend speak today with his HOPE keynote. Here’s the audio stream we captured of it. This file is about 12 megs in size and is unedited, so there may be some background noise.

Kevin Mitnick Keynote Recording

Over an hour and 45 minutes of hearing Kevin Mitnick speak at HOPE. Encoded in Mp3 format.

The Fifth HOPE

The Hackers On Planet Earth conference is in New York again now. We're there, blogging and doing audio recordings. Check it out.

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