Drennan on the Graphics Board

Richard Drennan
4590 Oberlin Avenue
Lorain, Ohio 44053
May 5, 1978

Hi Joe.

I finally got my graphics board to work!!! I'm sending along the information
on the graphics that I've been promising you for the last several months.

44 Pin Bus

The 44 Pin Bus Motherboard connects to the 44 pin edge connector on the Apple I and provides ten slots. Joe cut the board down to three slots and put three connectors on it due to space limitations in the cabinet.


With every componet coming from a different manufacturer, it was impossible to assemble the entire Apple I all at once. Joe spread everything out on a work desk in the basement, and assembled the system as the pieces came in.


story w/same name


a story

wiki editing

Wiki editing is supposed to be turned on. Anybody see anything remotely wiki-related?

Third queue test


2nd Queue test



Think this has Wiki working?

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