Cracking Open the Time Capsule

An in-depth look at Apple's Time Capsule: how to get more room for backups, and a cooler, quieter-running Time Capsule with a single upgrade.

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Fixing the Epson 'Prints Blank Pages' Problem

A number of Epson inkjet printers suffer from a problem where they eventually print nothing but blank pages, even with new ink tanks. Here's a way to try to fix the problem.

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The SportPod is a custom, weatherproof iPod case made from an old sports radio. Learn how to build your own.

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Clear AirPort Base Station

How to create your own clear AirPort Base Station.

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Hard drive sandwich

G3 hard drive sandwich
Using aluminum bar stock, eeun puts the squeeze on hard drive noise!

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Double the range of an Airport base station.

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Compubrick Accessories

Accessores for the Compubrick computers.

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UFO Mouse

The mouse glows...

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Apple FireWire case

An old SCSI case... or a new Firewire? An elegant modification.

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MacAlly Micro Optical Mod

The red LED has been replaced with blue, in this sleek mouse.

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