The Bit Bucket

The rugged, waterproof, stackable and inexpensive way to rack up 6U of network equipment.

Digital Spelunking at America Online

Learn about our project to recover ancient software from AOL's long lost file libraries.

Experiments with the Apple Motion Sensor

Apple's latest PowerBooks contain a "Sudden Motion Sensor" to prevent damage to the hard drive. Learn how you can use this sensor output to gather data or play games.

Building a Case for the Replica I

In this detailed tutorial, Larry Nelson explains how to make a traditional-style Replica I case out of Birch and Walnut.

Apple I Processor Section

Apple I clone photo
A redesign of the Apple I processor section with schematics and description.

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Apple I Programming

Apple I clone photo
A few simple tips and programs for those interested in programming the Apple I.

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PowerBook 3400 Pictureframe

A guide to building your own digital picture frame out of a Powerbook 3400.

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