Apple I Replica

Today is possible to relive the thrills that computer geeks had back in the 70’s, when the only way to own computer was to build one, by hand, literally. One of these computers was the Apple I, the father of all, a great computer designed and hand build by the co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak.

Apple USB keyboard repair

Disassemble and repair an Apple USB keyboard using tinfoil and superglue.

replica 1

The Briel Computers replica 1 is a fully functional clone of the Apple 1© computer created by Steve Wozniak in 1976 that started Apple Computers©. The replica 1 is available as a kit that you solder all the components onto the circuit board, or preassembled.

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Building a Case for the Replica I

In this detailed tutorial, Larry Nelson explains how to make a traditional-style Replica I case out of Birch and Walnut.

Apple I Processor Section

Apple I clone photo
A redesign of the Apple I processor section with schematics and description.

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PowerBook 3400 Pictureframe

A guide to building your own digital picture frame out of a Powerbook 3400.

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Gameshow System

The computer
A 32-buzzer gameshow system built for an Apple IIe.

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