Engineering Hack

21" iMac

Noka left a lot of extra room in their 21" monitor...

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Ze PowerSuitcase

Grab it and go!

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Duo Digital Frame: Further Explained

An indepth guide to the Duo Digital Frame.

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Duo Digital Frame

A picture frame that displays a slideshow of your favorite photos.

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030 MacAquarium

There are many MacAquariums - this one works!

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Blue Smoke Squared

Make your Cube dual-processor!

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Aurora 8260

After getting my new Nokia 8260 phone, I decided that I really didn't like the icky green lighting. The display was vile, and the keypad was hard to read. So I changed it to blue for the display and red for the keypad. Here are some shots taken in the light and in the dark with no flash.


A retro logo in this PowerBook G3.

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Professionals only, please. Do not attempt this hack on a living NeXT Cube!

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A Macintosh... or a Dynamometer?

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