Powerbook 5300 Prototype

Clear Powerbook 5300
A clear prototype of the Powerbook 5300

Outbound Notebook

Outbound Notebook - front
The Outbound Notebook was introduced after the Laptop. It fared well, but was eventually defeated by Apple's Powerbooks.

Outbound Laptop

Outbound Laptop - side
The Outbound Laptop was Outbound's first computer and a great success. All it had to compete with was the heavy Mac Portable.

Systematics T5170-2

Systematics T5170-2 - front
Re-engineered by Systematics to meet TEMPEST standards, the T5170-2 does not emit electromagnetic energy.

RealTech Travler

RealTech Travler - front
RealTech relabeled the Outbound computers and sold them under their own brand.

Cutting Edge Quatro 850

Cutting Edge Quatro 850 - front
The Cutting Edge Quatro 850 is a Quadra 650 repackaged in a larger, more expandable case.

Autovision 90

Autovision 90 - front
Automatix recased the Quadra 950 in an industrial strength rack-mountable case.

Apple Lisa Features

Apple Lisa - power
A few unique features of the Apple Lisa.

WANG Computer

WANG Mainframe - 9
This historical curiosity I picked up at a school. I'm not entirely sure what it does or how it does it.


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