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I have a collection of vintage minicomputers (microcomputers, either you prefer), Apple, Macintosh and PC's. I started collecting around 1997. Most of my friends thought I was nuts for wanting to keep old hardware around. I don't care. It's cool gear.

Here's a list of the vintage machines I own;

Apple IIgs Woz edition - Working
Apple Macintosh 512k - Working
Apple Macintosh SE -* Working (I had two, but scrapped one for parts as I accidentally blew out the VDU. It's been shelled and as soon as I figure out a good project for it, it will become something nice like a terrarium or something)
Apple IIci - It's on the blink. Needs some work.
Apple LC III - I wouldn't call it vintage, but it's a 68k, that's vintage enough nowadays. Wworks great too. Got it for $5 at a thrift store
Compaq Portable II - Working (somebody loved this baby. Decked it out with a hard drive and more RAM. Neither were stock)
Compaq Portable III - Working (Traded a 486 motherboard and video card for this one. Think I got the better deal)
Commadore VIC 20 - Unknown condition - the little red light comes on Wink
Commodore 64 - Rough shape and unknown condition - again little red light comes on Wink
Gateway 2000 Colorbook 386 - A friend gave me this one. Needs some TLC. Haven't gotten around to working on it
IBM PC model 5150 - WORKING!! This is my jewel. Somebody REALLY loved this thing. It's got an AST SuperCard and it's memory banks have been decked out. ALso has a hard drive. Won't boot though.
IBM PCjr - She works!
Toshiba T1000LE - Working. I had one of these through 7th 8th and 9th grade. Took all my school notes on it. The original one's floppy drive crapped out. I bought this one on ebay.
Toshiba T3100 SX - Someobdy at the phone company rescued this one from a telco box at a train station. They don't know how it got there, so they donated it to the school I worked at. They couldn't use it, so I saved it fromt he scrap heap.
Sinclair ZX81 - Unknown condition. I can't figure out how to power it up and get it connected to my TV. I think it's PAL anyway.

and an abacus, just for good measure.

I also have a fondness for computer case modding.

I also share my birthday with the first IBM PC (model 5150).

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