My first Apple I experience [Emulated] Part Deux

My first Apple I experience [Emulated] Part Deux

The Mac Files

My first Apple I experience [Emulated]

Thanks for the links

Thanks very much Steven (gsmcten)

The book has arrived.

I ripped open the packages...

Bill Gates

I literally just have no words to describe the level of insanity to best fill out (the quality of my repair process) survey form.
I am left in absolute amazement at the repair service I received for my child’s X-Box.
Did a cartoon repair the unit? Or was it just thrown down a flight of stairs. Maybe just running it through the dish washer or a cycle in the washing machine is all it needs?

I received the X-box back from repairs on 8/11/08 straight away set it up for my stepson to play when he came home from camp. Not only was there no video feed but the unit also proceeded to scratch up the halo 3 disc while make a noise. A noise that can only be described as grinding marbles and steel ball bearing in a blender but REALLY crunchy and LOUD. I was also blown away by being told I would not get a new halo 3 disc!

So in summery, and for the infinite places this will be posted (my students I teach will to see to that) 30% of which also got the so called “ring of death

New HeatSink for my R9200

Pics of my graphics card with a new copper heatsink.

G3 Yosemite Mystery Headers

Trying to decipher some abbriviations next to unpopulated headers on the Blue & White G3 logic board (Rev 2). Any help would be appreciated.

Personal Information

Hi, I dare say many of you people out there would have heard the name, at least once a year, if not due to my research in the Version B imac GLOD resolutions, thankfully now history.

Many of your probably want to know what 's occuring, well, I am still Apple nuts, and still run a faithfull old G3 on OS 9.

NEw Toy

I have a new toy to play with. Yay! I got a vintage Apple Color Classic. I plugged it in, turned it on, and pressed the power key. It seems to work (kind of). I got a musical tone, and the screen up, but all it shows is plain white with a mouse curser. I can move the curser, but have no menu or icons. Not sure what's up with it. Hopefully I can a few leads on what to check and what to do.

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