Its Official, I've Switched

So I got this Macbook Pro for my birthday, on the 13th of January. Previously, I'd been using primarily Windows XP and OS 9 on my Powerbook 1400.

I like this site!

I'm a Linux guy familiar with PCs. Not very familiar with Macs but I've been around long enuf that my first computer was a TSR80, then an Apple //c, then an IBM PC XT. Recently I got a Performa 5200CD and also an 8 serial port Digiboard for the NuBus. The card don't go into the Performa. Not sure what to do with it now. But I'd like to use it for something.

I love cable broadband.

It's fast.

Another error in Automator no one else has had

The error is logged to the Console, while running an Automator action "Add Watermark".

"WaterView: unable to create image source from " and then the URI to the image.

This was because I had moved the .jpg that it was looking for. However you have to have the console open to see this error. This is not handled properly.

I got a MacBook Pro!

2.16GHz Core Duo, 1 gig RAM, 128MB VRAM, 120 gig HD.

This is by far the most powerful and expensive computer I have ever used. It is the only computer I have ever gotten new. It is also my very first OS X machine.

All in all, I'm loving it.

Apple AUX project

First a little history. Apple came out with their version of UNIX, called A/UX, in 1988. A/UX was based on AT&T UNIX System V and BSD4.2/4.3, with a wide spectrum of features (STREAMS, TCP/IP, FFS, job control, NFS with YP, SCCS, printing, X Window Sys and so on).

The Apple II Project

This is an ongoing tale of the attempt to build some killer IIe and IIgs and IIc systems.

So far:

Obtained two IIe systems - bare units
Two IIGS systems
One IIC system

Got a Commodore RGB color monitor a Zenith RGB green/amber monitor, a Apple II and Apple III composite monitor and the little IIC composite green monitor.

XP on the Macbook

Downloaded and installed Boot Camp for the mac. Burnt a cd of xp drivers for the mac and created a 15 gig partition. Installed xp w sp/2 and it works quite well. Haven't installed vmware workstation yet but it should work fine which means i can be running linux on windows on a mac...

OSX on Wallstreet

Wiped 9.2 off the wallstreet which is a 292mhz G3 laptop with 192mb ram and an 8gig hd. Installed OSX 10.2 and it runs reasonably well but it needs to be tweaked.

Mac SE/30 project

I picked up an SE/30 with an ethernet pds card at Value Pillage for $4.99 in perfect shape with no burn in, a 40mb hd and 8 mb ram. Installed 7.01 on the machine and it ran fine. Went to install the localtalk bridge software but it requires 7.5 so had to hook up a CD-ROM and do a minimal install. Added ram doubler to 'increase' the ram. Running quite snappy now.

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