The Apple II Project

This is an ongoing tale of the attempt to build some killer IIe and IIgs and IIc systems.

So far:

Obtained two IIe systems - bare units
Two IIGS systems
One IIC system

Got a Commodore RGB color monitor a Zenith RGB green/amber monitor, a Apple II and Apple III composite monitor and the little IIC composite green monitor.

XP on the Macbook

Downloaded and installed Boot Camp for the mac. Burnt a cd of xp drivers for the mac and created a 15 gig partition. Installed xp w sp/2 and it works quite well. Haven't installed vmware workstation yet but it should work fine which means i can be running linux on windows on a mac...

OSX on Wallstreet

Wiped 9.2 off the wallstreet which is a 292mhz G3 laptop with 192mb ram and an 8gig hd. Installed OSX 10.2 and it runs reasonably well but it needs to be tweaked.

Mac SE/30 project

I picked up an SE/30 with an ethernet pds card at Value Pillage for $4.99 in perfect shape with no burn in, a 40mb hd and 8 mb ram. Installed 7.01 on the machine and it ran fine. Went to install the localtalk bridge software but it requires 7.5 so had to hook up a CD-ROM and do a minimal install. Added ram doubler to 'increase' the ram. Running quite snappy now.

Yellow Dog Linux

Version 4.0 is based on Fedora Core. Downloaded the 4 iso's and burned to cd. However it does not support old world machines with the new open firmware. Oldest machine it supports directly is Blue & White. The target machine is the beige G3 266 w 768mb ram. The workaround is to install a minimal macos partition and use the bootX utility to boot to linuz.

Got a new Record player

I got a new record player yesterday, and I can't say how much I missed my last one.  I got a denon Model 300-F turntable with computerized speed control.  I can't believe how good the audio is compared to my last one (Then again, i spent $$400 with it (Came with an extra stylus))  I *love* the warmth of a record.  For some reason, CDs are so sterile, and while they may be good as far as audio qual

Mac Projects- YellowDogLinux on Powerbook G3 Wallstreet

All seems to be well in Powerbook land, because I wisely chose YDL 3 for this machine. There is a posting on the YDL forums at about installing YDL 4.1 onto the Wallstreet (Powerbook G3 Series). But it requires a customizes kernel from (thats the Apple Network Server) and much fiddling.

Blue Man Group

Last night, the Blue Man Group stopped in at the Qwest Center in Omaha, NE. I can say that it is nothing short of spectacular. *LOT'S* of PVC Fun! The light staging was amazing, but too bad I couldn't get closer to the stage to see how the lighting was done.

Election 2006 Observation

So... the Democrats have won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

As I was flipping around the talk radio stations, listening to the various stuffed shirts and talking heads bemoan or celebrate the election results, I happened across the local classic rock station playing "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who...

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