ADB Keyboard Switcher

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I'm wondering what the best solution is at this point- to switching between 3 ADB keyboards on old Macs.

Without losing the tracking speed of the mouse.

With and without including the monitors?

9600, 8100, Beige G3.

OS 8.1
OS 7.6.1
OS 9.2

Thanks for your time!


So far, I've learned this:

Quote: wrote:

Will switch 4- ADB Ports


It drops signals to the Mouse So if the Tracking Speed is not set internally in the Mouse it will be lost.
All the Switch Does is switch all four pins on each Port.

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Re: ADB Keyboard Switcher

I haven't used this one personally, but it's an ADB/VGA KVM switch for two or four computers. It's not a dumb switchbox, but rather has some circuitry inside to make the Mac think that the keyboard/mouse are still plugged in. You may want to contact them about your specific question regarding the mouse tracking.


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