Apple II Clone found in poor condition, with some unknown to me assemblies

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Hi i am Thomas from Germany.

I was a week ago, i caught the Apple fever than I could accidentally buy an Apple II clone favorable.
Unfortunately, this has been experienced with some modifications, as a layman I do not quite understand at the moment.
I made a couple of photos showing the condition of the Apple II when he came to me.

For more accurate look at me too many errors on a few terms of the ability to function.
The power supply was only a click by itself, and it lacked some operating voltages,
as it turned out was a burnt resistor of the reason why the power supply was not possible.
Right now I've changed the resistor. And I could make the first attempts with the Apple II.

When I plugged the FDC then let nothing go first because of the Apple II probably stuck in a routine depends
on the load I can not cancel because I do not know which key on this keyboard triggers the reset.

I pulled out the card first and partly filled with ADTPro ProDos and Dos3.3. That went pretty well over the audio input.
Now I wanted to format a couple of floppy disks and reloading the systemfiles on it.
Which unfortunately did not go because I have not got it to work the FDC.

I do not know exactly how I find out the shortcut for the reset?

The Char Rome has been replaced with German character set on an EPROM (2732). Either I'm building now a keyboard adapter for PS / 2, and burn in a 2716 or 2732 EPROM the American character set. Or I find another way. My questions are:

How do I solve a reset without the original keyboard?
Who can tell me what these are all for plug-in cards on the pictures?
For what are the Eprom sockets on the motherboard F8, E8, D8 provided?
These are not fitted for me.

I hope someone can help.

Link to the Pictures

Greetings from Germany

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Re: Apple II Clone found in poor condition, with some ...

Hello Thomas,
i´ve sent you a private message with - call me up and i´ll explain the mess and how to solve it.
I´m too from Germany and therefor it might be more usefull to you, that you might talk german...


In early days I had a lot of money but no time - now I have no money but a lot of time....
the second part includes less friends but a lot more joy on life....

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Re: Apple II Clone found in poor condition, with some ...

Hello, my name is Thomas I come from Germany. I am infected recently with the Applevirus. I have bought at an auction an Apple II one week ago. Like him it looked as him here has come, one can see on the photos in the link completely below in the contribution. This is my first contact with this kind of computers. By the whole changes and additional modules for the Apple II, I have lost a little the overview. And some questions about the Apple II position themselves to me. I would like to have answered here with pleasure. I hope you can help me.

speedyG has already contacted me, and I think he can already help me a whole piece.

I have reworked my previous forum contribution over again. On the one hand because mine has got rusty School-English very much and on the other hand because the Google translator delivered no good translation. I hope one can understand these lines here better.

Click me!

Rgds Thomas from Germany

@ speedyG thanks, i call you soon as possible!