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I've been looking for an ASCII keyboard for my replica of the Apple 1, the Replica 1, but can't find one. Does anyone know where I can get one?


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Re: ASCII keyboard

Did you look here ???

its alway usefull to view the topiclists and there the topics....
sometimes it helps if you also read the postings....
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Re: ASCII keyboard

So here is your problem.

The replica-1 uses an Apple II/II plus keyboard or a ps/2.
The IIe which are cheap and plentyful won't work.

An Apple II is going to cost you easily over 1000 dollars. A II plus if your lucky may cost you 100-400 depending on what you find. Assuming you find a dead one for about $100 if your lucky the keyboard encoder works. Keyboards do come up on eBay from time to time but are usually 100+ with a working encoder. May not be worth it all for a $150 replica-1. My suggestion is to use a ps/2 mini keyboard or a bamboo wood keyboard. That's what I do with my Briel replica-1 and everyone loves the wood keyboard.