FS: Power Macintosh 9600 with G3 400MHz card/592MB RAM,

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I'm selling a Power Macintosh 9600 in good working condition. Fresh install of OS 9.0.4 and on second partition 8.1 It needs a new PRAM battery but working without it. This one is upgraded to G3 400MHz and have 592MB RAM, 6GB SCSI hard drive.
Currently have Pro Formance III Permedia 3 32MB RAM with VGA output.

It also has that unused SIMM-like memory slot that is believed to be used for testing ROMs (see pictures, I haven't seen a SIMM used in the slot in real life). Later retail units have that slot removed from the motherboard.

I'm selling it for $100 plus shipping cost.

I also have a Atto Ultra SCSI controller and 2 Avid MediaDrive rS18 LVD with Seagate ST1181677 180GB hard drive each.

Pictures of the actual unit at:

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Re: FS: Power Macintosh 9600 with G3 400MHz card/592MB RAM,

Hi Felipe,

Is this still for sale? If so, I'm interested.