Hello from a color classic and Netscape 2.0

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Just received an ebay purchase of the complete set of A/UX 3 manuals disks and CD in the mail. Pulled out a color classic (I have 3) but of course used my favorite, the one with the Sonnet Presto Plus card. Brings the Color Classic up to a quadra speed with onboard 32 MB of ram and built in ethernet! Whoot! However one side note, applefritter is unusable on the older browsers, had to really work at it just to post. I plan on using this Mystic to image the diskettes and CD from A/UX and document the installion of the OS onto a Quadra 950 (I have 3) to post online. Why? Because its fun. Will upload links to pics.




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wow cool! I find it fun to use old macs online. I use My LC I and it is sooo slow Smile... Nice Color Classic Spects there. I have a CC also, but it has video problems Sad maybe some day I will fix it and use it to post also.


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68K macs and IRC

I just use my old mac a Powerbook 190CS to use IRC i think it runs well using homer. Wink