PowerBook 5300c

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Continuing to try and find homes for the toys I have no time for. Next up

PowerBook 5300c (active-matrix color screen)
24mb RAM
500mb Disk
MacOS 8.1 plus SpeedDoubler installed
Focus video/ethernet board installed (dongle included)
AC adapter
Floppy module
Battery has some life, but has not been checked lately

A quick comment on this one. I picked this up used a couple of years back.
At the time, the stiffener and hinges were broken (good candidate for REA),
but a previous owner had removed the serial number, so I did not follow up
on an REA. Instead, I replaced the case stiffener and display plastics
myself. As a result the case is somewhat "two-tone" in that the base
plastics are the original grey while the display bezel is the later black.
The book is in overall good shape, though, and would be a one for a student
or casual user. (If you're looking at 5300s, you know their capabilities.)

I'd like to get $50 plus shipping, but am open to offers if that seems too

Thanks in advance for reading...

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I'm interested, what's the ba

I'm interested, what's the battery life? Does it have an ethernet card or video card?