How Do I Slow Down My SE/30 Without Pulling The Ram Out to Run Software at The Proper Speed

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Hi there, I have an SE/30 with 5megs of Ram running System 6.0.5. My problem is I can't get certain classic games to run because my Ram speed is too fast for the games making them crash. I'm wondering if there is a way to limit how much Ram the system uses without having to actually pull the ram out of the system. In the Control Panel in 6.0.5 I just see the Ram Cache 32k on and off option but that's not helping me out. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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re: How Do I Slow Down My SE/30...

I'd like to help, I'm not making much sense out of the questions.

Generally RAM that's 'too fast' is not an issue, unlike RAM that's too slow. Did you add this RAM to this machine? What's the RAM's speed? Why do you think RAM speed is a problem?

The amount of RAM System uses is sort of fixed by the system itself. You _can_ adjust the amount of RAM Finder uses, but I doubt that'll help you at all.

What games? And what sort of 'crash'(s) are you seeing?

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Too Much Ram is an Issue With Certain Older Games

I have a Classic, a SE/30 and a Performa 200. They all run system 6.0.5..The only difference is the SE/30 has more ram which is making allot of the games crash that startup on my Classic with less ram just fine. The problem is some older games like Dark Castle don't like too much "High Ram" it calls it when it crashes in the Error Window. The other problem can be that some games will run way too fast making them very hard to control/play on the SE/30. How do I limit the amount of Ram finder uses? Not sure if it will work but it's worth a try. Thanks

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Thought of Something Else

Just thought of something. The processor in the SE/30 is 16MHz versus the Classic's 8Mhz processor, so it's probably the processor speed and not the ram. Is there a way to limit the SE/30's processor speed like some other Apple models. One I know of that will let you do this is the IIGS, it gives you an option to run at normal or enhanced speed. Is there any option to limit the processor speed in the SE/30? Thanks

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Only thing I could think of w

Only thing I could think of was turning off 32-bit addressing, but from what I recall if you're running 6.x.x, that's already a given.

It may just be the software you're trying to run is not compatible with a 68030 regardless of CPU speed.

BTW, you don't need to start a new thread each time you have a related question.


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A 68030 at 16MHz is not simpl

Remember, a 68030 at 16MHz is not simply twice as fast as a 68000 at 8MHz. Its actually a lot faster. The machine is simply too fast for the older games...


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RAM speed has absolutely noth

RAM speed has absolutely nothing to do with software execution speed on these old Macs in their stock condition (i.e., without CPU accelerator). And no, there is no "slow down" utility available to enable smoother game play for games designed for the 8MHz 68000 clock. You simply need to use games that have a "slow down" command (which means the developer of the game put it in for owners of newer Macs so they could play the game too). But only a very few games have that "slow down" feature.